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Symbols Readings

Sacred Symbols Readings, are an ancient art also known as Reading the Bones. These readings are a divination system using everyday curios to represent people, places, ideas, or aspects of life for addressing an inquiry in which you are seeking clarity.

My divination training is imparted through the lineage of Traditional Doctor P.H. Mntshali, a Zulu Sangoma (shaman). My spiritual calling to this work has been guided by my mentor Sangoma Gogo Gretchen Krilly McKay. My heart sings with gratitude for her wisdom and compassion on my ancestral journey.

May all those who experience this process be blessed with clarity and the infinite wisdom of their ancestral lineage so that they may find the freedom to know their true identity Aho!

The session is recorded and a photo is taken of the pattern that the symbols or curios create when thrown and on a cloth representing your biofield. The accuracy is amazing (you can read my Testimonials) and the guidance gained is priceless. These sessions can be experienced in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom globally.

GROUP READINGS are available and wonder-filled!   AS GIFTS: Readings are unique and memorable!

1 hour: $135,   1.5 hours: $200   &    2 hour sessions: $270   Click HERE to purchase!
30 minute follow up sessions: $75

My session with Desiree was wonderful!  I had never had a symbols reading before and was quite intrigued. Her insight as she read the symbol spread was so helpful and right on target.  –Jacqueline, Sedona, AZ

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