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Sacred Symbols Readings are included with Evolutionary Coaching sessions and packages.

My Sacred Symbols Reading from Desiree that completely knocked my socks off!  – Ann L, Ann Arbor, MI


This ancient art is also known as Reading the Bones and is based in the process of a divination system that uses everyday curios to represent people, places, ideas, or aspects of life tht reflect energy signatures relevant to your inquiry, resulting in clear guidance.

According to archaeologist expert Kris Hirst, oracle bones were used to practice of a form of divination, fortune-telling, known as pyro-osteomancy. Pyro-osteomancy is the practice of seeing the future based from the cracks in an animal bone or turtle shell, either in their natural state or after they were burned. The earliest pyro-osteomancy in China included the bones of sheep, deer, cattle, and pigs, in addition to turtle plastrons (shells). Pyro-osteomancy is known from prehistoric east and northeast Asia, and from North American and Eurasian ethnographic reports.” (Patti Wigington, 9/25/19)

My divination training has been imparted through the lineage of Traditional Doctor P.H. Mtshali, a Zulu Sangoma (shaman). It is a spiritual calling that has been guided by my mentor Sangoma Gogo Gretchen Krilly McKay. My heart sings with gratitude for her wisdom and compassion on my ancestral healing journey.

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SACRED SYMBOLS READINGS: 1 hour: $150   or   1.5 hours: $225   Follow Up: 30 minutes: $75

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My session with Desiree was wonderful!  I had never had a symbols reading before and was intrigued. Her insight as she read the symbol spread was so helpful and right on target.  – Jacqueline, Sedona, AZ