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This image of an ancient Bristlecone Pine is a screen shot taken from Patagonia Films: Treeline, The Secret Life of Trees . . . amazing discoveries are being made about DNA and the uncovering of our history as cosmic travelers. Click here and see what to expect in neuroscience, genetics, longevity, biotech and psychedelics in 2022!

“And once we touch reality deeply in the present moment, we touch the past, we touch the future, and we touch eternity. We are the environment, we are the Earth, and the Earth has the capacity to restore balance.” — Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet by Thich Nhat Hanh

I started reading Hanh’s book before I realized he had transitioned. Zen Master Tich Nhat Hanh passed away at the Tu Hieu Temple in Hue on January 22, 2022. He was 95. A week long funeral was held in the form of a silent meditation course. A guiding light for mindfulness and passionate, aligned action, he will be deeply missed.

This morning I turned my computer on with an email sharing the sad news that one of my dear mentors passed. Mona Delfino: Sacred Reconnections. As the Shift Network so directly shared; Mona was “a blazing light of possibility, healing, and positive vision for our collective future. She uplifted and inspired so many, not only at Shift but in the myriad ways her life and teaching touched others”. It was a tough way to start the day. A stark reminder that if indeed we are headed for a sixth mass extinction, there will be life that continues to create long after. Maybe who and whatever survives will tell the story through their bark, their needles or the very stones they sprang from., Getty Images

We are all being asked to let go. The old is transforming and space for new possibilities is opening. Revising, revisioning, restoring and reviewing. The last few weeks have been challenging for me personally on many fronts. Computers, communications and transportation. All about repairing, replacing and restrictions with the blizzard that blew through last weekend! And somehow, all my notes with ideas for my February News, GONE! I am looking forward to Mercury going direct on the 4th and feeling that the message in all of it is to slow down and stay focused!

With Venus retrograding the last month and a half, she has presented us with an opportunity to take a good, long look at our lives and discover what we truly want out of our relationships and financial realms. I know it has been a theme for me with revisioning how I want to express my values of truth, love and beauty moving forward.

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I completed 5 new rattles in January and am delighted to see that Etsy has dubbed me an official Star Seller!  Whoot whoot! That is a sweet recognition of people seeking sacred tools for their journeys… and my top Love Language! Much gratitude for the appreciation for this work I love doing. I’ll also be having a SHARE THE LOVE SPECIAL to celebrate Valentine’s Day: 15% off from February 5th-20th. Visit my Etsy shop!

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Big hugs and lots of love!!  XO Desiree

If you missed The Shift Network’s Ancestral Healing Summit, you can still register to receive a recording or the entire program, or you can listen to an audio replay of my interview with this link. It was an incredible inspiration to be a part of gathering of beautiful wisdom keepers and light workers. I hope to participate next year, and wink-wink, keep your eyes open for a possible course offering in the future!

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