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This Amazing Free Online Summit aired on The Shift Network April 28 – May 1, 2022

It was four full days of wisdom with today’s foremost psychedelic healing pioneers including sound healing ceremonies and live transmissions by world renowned shaman. There were ancient teachings from powerful native shamans along with current scientific researchers and professional therapeutic practitioners now legally offering programs and treatments.

The Shift Network is now offering a Psychedelic Healing Summit upgrade offer that includes an abundance of practical and wisdom-filled bonuses. The Psychedelic Healing & Integration Collection 2022 includes THIRTEEN compelling gifts, including our Integration Toolkit, which allows you to experience guided practices to receive the healing benefits of psychedelics at home — even without medicine.

You’ll also receive hand-selected resources to help you safely explore psychedelic healing modalities and amplify your current practices. After listening to the amazing speakers, shamans and teachers you can no longer doubt there is intelligence within these plants and they too are creating our future. Isn’t it time we begin listening to their messages and aligning ourselves to their wisdom? Aho!

reading the bones with Kayla

This ancient art is also known as Reading the Bones,
a divination system that uses everyday curios to represent people, places, ideas, or aspects of life that reflect energy signatures relevant to your inquiry, resulting in clear guidance. CLICK HERE + VISIT My YouTube Channel for a Weekly SYMBOLS READING!

My divination training has been imparted through the lineage of Traditional Doctor P.H. Mtshali, a Zulu Sangoma (shaman). It is a spiritual calling that has been guided by my mentor Sangoma Gogo Gretchen Krilly McKay. Readings can be 1, 1.5 or 2 hours long. FOR GROUPS/EVENTS RATES: 10% Off   Learn More or Book a Free Consultation

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