the heart is not a pump

THE HEART IS NOT A PUMP: It is a spiraling organ of perception and functions as an endocrine gland!
New research is revealing that the heart has its own nervous system, makes and releases its own neurotransmitters, and emits an electromagnetic field that is far stronger than the brain’s (HeartMath). From here we can begin to move from the idea that the heart is simply a mechanical pump, an idea borne of an industrialized culture that views the body as a machine. The heart however is so much more beautiful and fascinating than we ever could have imagined! So how does the blood move around the labyrinth-like vessels of our body? It moves of its own accord. Illustrations above: Incredible Art by Gabriel Keleman

It is in fact composed of two streams, spiraling around each other much like the image of a DNA double helix, at the center of which is a vacuum. This spiral dance is not only found in the bloodstream, but also in the blood cell itself! A blood cell spins on it’s own individual axis of rotation. They are smaller spinning cells in a larger spinning vortex. No longer viewed  a mass of muscle, the heart is known as a ‘helicoidal myocardial band’ that has spiraled in upon itself, creating its unique shape and its separate chambers. This is called the Helical Heart, and you can see doctors unravel it on YouTube…

“Blood flow through living vessels is much more like a tornado than anything else: Such a vacuum is necessary for producing a vortex” Stephen Buhner

In this post I have extracted excerpts from an article posted by Nimbin Apothecary and followed a rabbit hole into Sacred Geometry, to discover a world of sub-posts and comments from people around the world sharing their knowledge and questions about the topic. I realized in my attraction to the subject how brilliantly it paralleled my interest and understanding of my professional work; Mediumship, Medical Intuition, Neuroscience, Hypnosis, Shamanic Wisdom, Divination and Sacred Art.

Evidence-Based Research:,,,  The full article by NIMBIN APOTHECARY @

In the greater field of awareness, or the space known as the Great Mystery, this information feels like the perfect metaphor for a shift in perception that we, as humans, need more than ever. In light of escalating war, mass shootings and horrific violations to countless species on planet Earth, the US alone spends billions, trillions, maybe quadrillions, on weapons, chemicals, laws and products, that destroy the very essence of the miraculous diversity of life. If one could sit calmly in the midst of all of this unfolding and feel completely neutral, they would indeed be a Super Hero in my mind.

For me, it is absolutely mind boggling that this is the way that the human species has chosen to express its own evolution on the physical plane. It is my hope that through discoveries like this one about the heart, we see the potential that lies in shifting our awareness and understanding of the magic and miracles that surround us moment to moment. I would go so far as to say that it has the power to awaken the masses to the truth that we are all connected and that the unity we all so desperately seek, lies in the diversity of all things existing in harmony. May this information bring the frequencies of joy, peace, strength, courage, gratitude, humility and divine love into your heart and all those you come in contact with. Aho!

If you follow some of the links I’ve posted, you can find infinite shares of wisdom and inquiry….here are a few that ignited mine:

• What patterns do you see in your own life, or in the world that have symmetry and balance? Which ones are asymmetrical and out of balance? Noticing patterns helps us build on them if they are healthy, or break them if they are not healthy. — Mahmoud Darwish

• … not completely correct because the blood itself is also propulsed by quantum physics. It has an energy signature which drives the bloodstream. Indeed as such magnetic or electric fields are induced. — Stefaan Deneweth

• I wonder if iron based hemoglobin creates a magnetic adjunct to the vacuum induced spiraling vortex. The erythrocytes are biconcave with rounded borders, perfectly shaped for this movement with HgB filled each side presumably with opposite polarities. — Christopher Butler

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