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Last week I was in the process of reviewing my personal 2023, and one of the things I noticed was that the post receiving the most hits last year was my blog about ANXIETY! (No surprise!) So, when I reflected on the theme of the January 2024 News, it struck me that there was already some synchronicity at play. . .

When I met a shamanic sister for a belated birthday breakfast
(December 4th and 5th) and I shared that I had run across a fascinating article about something called High Functioning Anxiety, he shared that, as a therapist, she was also exploring anxiety, but from the brain chemistry perspective, specifically GABA.

GABA is the primary neurotransmitter responsible for providing a calming effect in our body. Some researchers have found that people who experience anxiety disorders and major depression often have lower levels of the chemical. It also plays a role in regulating the immune system, appetite, and metabolism.

High-functioning anxiety is a subset of generalized anxiety disorder that often goes unnoticed or undiagnosed. It occurs when a person who has anxiety symptoms, rather than retreating from situations or interactions, they work hard to face their fears and are skilled at covering up their symptoms.

The term high-functioning anxiety represents people who are masters at maintaining a high level of functionality
in their lives. They are successful in careers and/or other roles, yet they internally struggle with persistent feelings of stress, self-doubt and the fear of not measuring up. They feel extremely uncomfortable inside and often feel burdened with deep self-criticism.

Studies show some of the best ways to find inner peace when feeling anxious is to regularly practice a creative art (crafts making, painting, music, dancing), stay connected to people/community, understand your body/mind connection and learn a simple progressive relaxation technique to release muscle tension.

Shamanic drumming and rattling have proven to bring the brain wave frequencies into a dream like Alfa or Theta state. I know when I am immersed in creating sacred ceremonial pieces I lose track of time and space and feel I am a vessel for channeling higher states of consciousness. Read more: Mayo Clinic Health: Behind The Mask: Managing Anxiety

The last thing I wanted to share is incredibly powerful for anyone to practice, and so filled with hope! I was listening to Vishen Lakhiani, owner of Mindvalley, talk about his discovery, after years of research on personal growth and mental health practices, that brain science can now show us that the most powerful way to shift brain wave frequencies is through FORGIVENESS! Yep, forgiveness creates the same brain frequencies that monks who have been meditating for their entire life experience!

One of the best things about a forgiveness practice is that we always have a CHOICE about who and what we are forgiving! And we can forgive ANYTHING! The act of forgiveness is ultimately for our own freedom.

Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author, speaker & activist on a mission to elevate the human experience by reimagining education, work, spirituality and parenting. You can get guidance on how to use his 6 Phase Meditation process that highlights a Forgiveness Practice in Phase 4 on his free app @ Mindvalley.

With a greater understanding about memories, we know they are stored  in our DNA. Suffering is an internal experience, and we must reprogram our patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, by remembering who we are and awakening to our true power, which is love. 

antler rattle

ANTLER RATTLE, carrier of the sacred seed, may you call forth the courage, strength and resilience needed to walk this good red road in times of great Transition. Bring us clear Vision for a future filled with abundance for all and the highest frequency of love and light we can embody.

I had the honor of creating a custom rattle last week for a new client. Of the squash family, gourd or askutasguash, has the honor of being the seed carrier, Divine Mother and the spark of life. 10.5” Long x 4.5” Wide and filled with Corn, the symbol of Sustenance, Rattle represents the earth, with the handle being it’s N/S axis held by The Hero Twins iconic figures of ancient Mayan lore who help keep the earth spinning.

The Feathers represent freedom and expansion. The Beads of Bone enhance one’s strength, power, wisdom and dignity. Bones represent our ancestors, the cycle of death and rebirth, the masculine principles, earth and fire and the medicine of the Shape-Shifter. The beads are Alaskan Antler from Caribou (endurance, regeneration, vision and nobility) and Moose (strength, courage and resilience), created in honor, gratitude and appreciation only after the 4 legged has experienced their annual shed. 


channeled quote by Paul Selig

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