The First Open-Label Placebo Study: Produces Remarkable Results!

“BY THE TIME WE’RE 35 YEARS OLD, NINETY-FIVE PERCENT OF WHO WE ARE BECOMES A SET OF AUTOMATIC BEHAVIORS AND SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS, which means five percent of our conscious mind has nothing to do with what we’ve been subconsciously programmed to believe. Thus, even though people were aware there were no active ingredients in the placebo, their subconscious mind would accept the outcome because they had been programmed to be that way.

Some people may use that five percent of their conscious mind every day to try to be happy, successful, in love, and so on, but if they have subconscious programs that says there is no such thing as happiness, money is bad, and/or love only leads to broken hearts, until they change the subconscious program, they create the same experiences over and over.

This is why the work we do in our daily mediation is so important. The more we reprogram our minds towards greater degrees of love, wholeness, forgiveness, and acceptance, the richer and more joyful our lives become.” JD

My take on these findings is one of fascination and synchronicity
I have been following and using the hypnotherapy techniques of Marisa Peer, Britain’s number one therapist to stars and professionals at the top of their game (, as well as techniques of Dr. Joe and Lynn McTaggert’s intention experiments ( and they are all saying basically the same things. Each coming from slightly different angles but all are having the same results!

Last night I attended a local gathering to listen to an artist who merges his spiritual faith with his art and has skyrocketed to success after a life of challenges once he aligned with his higher source and took action based on it. Although his language had more of a religious tone than I would use, internally I could see the similarity to what I know to be Infinite Creator or Source and understand the energetic workings of his experiences. Align your thoughts is what he shared in a nutshell, over and over, story after story.

Our subconscious is sooo powerful! Once we realize this we can begin to consciously shift our awareness and re-program what we no longer wish to manifest in our lives.  Or another way to see it, is to accept that we are creators here on earth and when we align with our greater visions and knowings and finally take action in those directions rather than the ways we have taken in the past that no longer work for us, we change the course of our lives.


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