Ever wonder why 2020 seemed to drag on with its fog of uncertainty? Now 2021 seems to be flying by like there’s no tomorrow! New science discoveries tell us that time as we know it, in the linear sense, does not exist. This is why while engaged in an activity we love and are in the “flow”, time passes quickly. When we are struggling with an arduous task, like taxes (yikes!) it feels like it is dragging on forever.
Astrological cycles indicate there are big changes afoot. In March we experienced a Pisces New Moon on 3/13, an Aries Equinox on 3/20, an Aries Full Super Moon on 3/28, Easter on 4/4, and will be passing through the energy of an Aries New Moon on 4/11 at 10:31 PM Eastern US time. So what does all that have to do with time and space?

Pisces rules the subconscious, and the Pisces New Moon beamed our attention inward. Your thoughts have a big part in shaping your reality, which, in turn, directs your outlook on life. So, naturally taking time for contemplation or meditation has been essential in order to bring light into parts of our subconscious thinking that has been elusive.

This Piscean influence also prompted us to shift into quantum thinking, where time is more elastic than fixed—and can be bent at our will. Is it just a coincidence that Albert Einstein, whose theory of relativity turned our concept of reality on its head, was a Pisces, born March 14, 1879? In its manifestation as the Mermaid, Pisces rules the oceans and seas, and the March New Moon put a spotlight on the need to protect and share our planet’s aquatic resources. (Stock Images: Astrology signs and constellations)

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The theme of World Water Day on March 22, 2021 was “Valuing Water”. According to the United Nations, “The value of water is about much more than its price.” This day is celebrated keeping in line with Sustainable Development Goal number 6 which is aimed at achieving water and sanitation by all for 2030. Coral reefs, which are home to more than 25% of marine life, are dying off at an alarming rate. Water temperatures are rising because of industrialization, and our oceans are becoming more polluted by plastic waste. I am so grateful to have traveled (pre-covid) to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia intentionally participating in the energetic healing of the sea. What can you do to make the most basic of elements cleaner and more accessible to everyone?  https://www.worldwaterday.org/learn

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces energy is often equated with a metaphorical death. It’s why so many people born under this sign feel they are “old souls” with a strong connection to the other side. Pisces is also associated with reincarnation and the afterlife. So full circle we have come through all the zodiacal cycles. We have moved through the Aries Equinox, a time of equal day and night, followed by the Aries Full Super Moon of completion and at last arrived at Easter to experience a spiritual rebirth.

Astrologer Anne Ortelee suggests, “The energy of this Aries New Moon of April 11th, is tied closely to the COVID aspects of the past year, and it initiates a new 38-year cycle, as well as the usual two-and-a-half-year and year-long (it’s the first New Moon in the Zodiacal year!) cycles. We’re all in a place where we’re making major changes in the structures of our lives and committing to the next phase of our growth”. https://anneortelee.com/

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Gazing out my window through soft morning fog, I witness the arrival of April Showers, creating life that is new and fresh. The beauty bursting forth from the life force in the sacred element of water is magical. Moving forward we can make changes now, knowing that even small steps can blossom into the fullness of Bringing May Flowers to our overall happiness or well being. Soak it in! (Photo: Mimi Drew, Asheville, NC)


Evidential Mediumship is the practice of the medium becoming the mouthpiece for those who no longer have a physical voice. The messengers can be ancestors, loved ones, pets, or guides, who share evidence that resonates with you for healing and guidance. For a deeper understanding about communication through the practice of mediumship you can read my mentor, Suzanne Giesemann’s discourse called, YOUR PLACE IN THE COSMOS EXPLAINED here: Download-Sanaya

Medical Intuition is a modality of health care based in new scientific understandings that we are much more than a physical body and a thinking mind. We are electrically charged vibrational beings made up of energy centers and energy grids, or a virtual hologram of aliveness. The information shared in this session can identify core struggles leading to an illness. My mentor, Tina Zion is a fourth generation psychic medium, specializing in medical intuition and teaching internationally. (Images: Family photo of my ancestors and Stock Photo of DNA)

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Another great way to learn more about exploring new realms of time and space, is through a book that’s made a huge impact in the mental health field, and was written by the late (Aries) hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon; Between Death and Life: Conversations With a Spirit. While regressing her patients to heal traumas, she documented their recounted memories of their time in between earthly incarnations and opened a door to new understandings about the true journey of our soul. Aho!

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