Co-Creation flowed in the bright and open space envisioned by Pam Robbins

It was an intimate group that met at the creative studio of Purple Crayon to imagine and design a Sacred Tool.

Pam’s vision states that “No matter how you express yourself-through drawing, painting, quilting, mosaics, stained glass, collage, knitting, writing, etc.-Purple Crayon is the perfect place to play!  We give women the space, equipment, and support they need to “do their thing!”

See for more information about the studio and their workshop schedule.

Stay tuned for future workshops in my New Studio at Haw Creek Commons, Purple Crayon and other venues.  Sign up for my Newsletter in the box at the bottom of the website pages for updates on future events.

Photos: Work in progress with Renate Rikkers and Sacred Art wall piece by Lynn Karegeannes (below)

Sacred Tools Lynn K Purple Crayon
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