Space Clearing


For home, office or property. On-Site or Remote options.

I combine a Light Stream Star Coil Frequency Transmitter, Tuning Forks, Feng Shui, BioGeometry and design psychology tools to clear and realign the energy in your home, office, or land, allowing for new vitality in the lives of all those who are present there.

From a cache of thousands of Rife and Quantum Frequencies I select from to create a custom playlist for your specific situation. I ask that you fill out a short questionnaire to clarify your intention and goals.

QUESTIONNAIRE: Welcome to the Sacred Is Creative!



Space Clearings can also be performed on behalf of a pet or loved one virtually to any location in the world.
For more information I am available to talk with you or set up a Zoom meeting @ 312-437-4325 or

Additional information

Session Length

1 hour, 1.5 hour, 2 hour

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