Evolutionary Coaching


$150: 1 hour,  $225: 1.5 hours,   $300: 2 hours

4-1 hour Sessions: $497 ($103 Off Reg. $600)
8-1 hour Sessions: $997 ($203 Off Reg. $1,200)
12-1 hour Sessions: $1,497 ($303 Off Reg. $1,800)

These sessions are live Zoom calls and you will be actively participating in the process. It may include a short Sacred Symbols Reading to gain clarity about your current situation, the direction of the session or your goals.

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Evolutionary Coaching Sessions are based on merging brain science and the ancient methods of shamanism.

This coaching system awakens your consciousness to the SuperConscious field of your memories. Through specific direction, the brain recodes the neural connections that are wired from your original stress or trauma. The process, known as Recoding is based on the combined work of Dr. Gary Flint and Colette Streicher of the MAP Coaching Institute and Chris Duncan of the Conscious Education Company.

Dr. Flint spent his entire career working with clients suffering from the deepest psychiatric issues, such as psychosis, personality disorders, and survivors of deep traumas. Through his research he discovered a process he called Process Healing, which in his words, would allow “The subconscious, (referred to as the SuperConscious), to do the treatment inside the patient.” For over 12 years, Dr. Flint completed research and personal study using this process before publishing his book, “A Theory and Treatment of your Personality: A Manual for Change.

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Session Length

.5 hour, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours