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My research has shown me that when emotions are expressed – which is to say that the biochemicals that are the substrate of emotion are flowing freely – all systems are united and made whole.
— Mind Your Mind: Using the power of words by Amanda Peet

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Thank you so much for everything! I listened to your recording last night and literally just cried the whole time. I’ve been very overwhelmed by emotions and everything you said made so much sense. I’m going to ground myself and listen to the recording again, and take notes. You’re amazing, thank you thank you thank you!  Much love  – Camille K, Arden, NC

Back to the quote I opened this News post with… I have shared the work of Amanda Peet in previous posts
and recently received a personal session with her that focused on an ancestral vow in my family. She is brilliant to work with! I gained so much clarity and did a lot of releasing. Before the session as I read her book, Mind the Mind: Using the power of words, I was reminded of my own discovery of another phenomenal book by neuroscientist Dr Candace Pert, who I will share more details about in a bit.

Peet used some of Pert’s pioneering research that tracked how the chemicals inside our bodies form a dynamic information network. Pert’s scientific discoveries proved that the mind and body are linked, and thus laid a new foundation for others in both science and psychology. Her insights and wisdom have changed the way we see the world and ourselves with the term Body/Mind. (Peet – Pert, that ‘s a brain twister!)

During the process of my training as a Magnetic Mind Coach
, I was offering free practice sessions known as Superconscious Recodes. A Recode is a process that also supports the release of old patterns and beliefs much like Peet’s process in Mind the Mind. Recodes tap into the old beliefs within the subconscious and simultaneously activate what is called the superconscious to facilitate a release. Peet guided me to reprogram the subconscious in order to allow the conscious mind to let go and do the millions of daily tasks it needs to do, freeing up a lot of energy.

The superconscious and subconscious are processing billions of bits of information per second, on a non-linear time line. There is no way the conscious mind can hold this much energy with it’s physical limitation. This is why we feel overload when we try to grasp this kind of information logically and on a linear level.

As I followed the bread crumbs for the theme of an upcoming coaching session, I discovered the incredibly provocative and revolutionary book, The Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine. Candace Beebe Pert (June 26, 1946 – September 12, 2013) was an American neuroscientist and pharmacologist who discovered the opioid receptor, the cellular binding site for endorphins in the brain.

She discovered that the surfaces of cells are lined with specific “receptors” to which only specific molecules can attach themselves. These molecules, in turn, are messengers through which the body and mind, as well as our neurons, glands and immune cells, are all constantly sharing information. Amazing!

. . . if our emotions are blocked due to denial, repression, or trauma, then blood flow can become chronically constricted, depriving the frontal cortex, as well as other organs, of vital nourishment. This can leave you foggy and less alert and as a result, you may become stuck–unable to respond freshly to the world around you, repeating old patterns of behavior and feelings that are responses to an outdated knowledge base.
Candace Pert, Ph D, Molecules of Emotion

See examples below of core beliefs and the basic process Peet uses for releasing subconscious patterns.

I am worthless, I am inadequate, I am a failure, I am not lovable, People will hurt me, People are malicious, People cannot be trusted, I’ll fall apart if things go wrong, I’m not smart enough, etc.

I encourage you to slow down, and take time notice and explore your own patterns and beliefs. Once you have identified a core belief you wish to change, make the statement below out loud and notice how your feel. Then rate the sensation you experience with I Agree, I Disagree or I’m Somewhere In the Middle.

If you Agree with the statement, this means you feel charged or triggered emotionally. If you Disagree, you feel neutral or feel no charge at all.  Or, you may be somewhere in the Middle- unclear or just a little uncertain. If you Agree or you feel Somewhere In the Middle do the exercise below. Better yet, get Peet’s book or schedule a live session with Peet and dive deep!

Even though I have this core belief… [CORE BELIEF] I am now choosing to release this.

I am asking my subconscious to release this now. I am asking my subconscious to release what needs to release, and change what needs to change, so my conscious mind doesn’t have to. That was then, this is now.

That core belief of… [CORE BELIEF] is no longer working for me. Releasing… [CORE BELIEF] safely and completely, through all space and time and throughout my whole system.

Repeat the statement until there is no charge around the core belief you are changing.
Mind Your Mind: Using the power of words by Amanda Peet

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After my session with Amanda, the first thing I noticed was a series of synchronistic events and connections I am making with new people are sparking past life memories and deeper understandings about past relationships, ancestral patterns and the truth about myself as a Divine Soul, not just a human. One such experience was a recording that a friend shared, who I hadn’t connected with in a long time. It was an interview with Robert Theiss, who has been offering his unique way of channeling Archangel Michael for over 20 years. During that time Theiss had an awakening that opened his conscious awareness to the oneness of his Soul (spiritual, immaterial, emotional or intellectual energy) and his Over Soul (the absolute reality and basis of all existences conceived as a spiritual being in which the ideal nature, imperfectly manifested in human beings, is perfectly realized). Theiss is a nationally recognized artisan, intuitive guide and the owner/director of Ancient Wings, based out of Eugene, Oregon. Theiss and his wife offer teachings and community events for spiritual growth through courses and talks known as the Teachings of Michael. Theiss has touched many who are breaking through old programmed core beliefs about their identity and what it means to be a Soul having a Human Experience.

We offer a safe place to reunite your conditioned human self with the presence of your soul. It starts with unplugging yourself from a polarized, closed system of reality. One that has separated itself from consciousness to a free-flowing, open ended reality. Allowing an abundance of love to be of service to you and all that you touch!   Robert Theiss

After listening to most of the past recordings of the Teachings of Michael, the idea that has made the most impact on me is this:

What would the world be like if, as a collective, we shifted from CONSUMING to CREATING?
I think you will agree, that they put a totally different spin on the daily choices you makeAnother way of asking the question, suggested by my favorite astrologer, Pam Gregory, is to daily stop and ask yourself:
Which are you choosing, LOVE or FEAR?
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