ACCEPTING WHAT IS:  And  the  willingness  to  let  it  go . . . .

What a wild ride life has taken this summer!  I cannot think of an aspect of life that has not been touched by transformation both personally and globally this year.  For me, letting go took a long and winding road trip, starting in June from Santa Fe, New Mexico and ending in Asheville, North Carolina via a side-winding turn down the eastern Carolina coast.  Midway I landed in Chicago to spend time with family, longtime friends, and clients.  Then it was onward to Asheville for a brief exhale during a house/pet sitting layover before a pre-eclipse exploration of the Atlantic seaside.

The weather was fantastic and my body rejoiced in the shift from high desert to the soft green summer of the mountains and salty sea air.  My time spent with toes on sandy beaches and in brackish river inlets felt cleansing and re-balancing.  New places, people, and open spaces reminded me of being a kid on summer break as I journeyed my way southward to spend more family time on John’s Island in South Carolina for a full spectrum experience of the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017.

Mouthwatering seafood, sailboats, galleries, ancient oaks, kids, dogs and time with new friends and powerful women working in the healing arts filled the days along with a lot of writing and soul-searching.  Upon returning to Asheville I found a cozy log cabin, which will be home for 2018.  It feels like full circle after a very challenging 3 year Saturn cycle that initiated a time of traveling down under, Ecuadorian explorations and high desert healing.

My Sagittarian spirit is now ready for a shift in frequency with a spark of awakened creativity and the anticipation of warm nurturing dream-time by the fireplace.  I am offering new programs and services with my coaching and shamanic practice, so stay tuned to my website which is in the process of being redesigned!

Photos: Wilmington, NC seaside, the famous Angel Oak (below)


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