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Auroras, geomagnetic storms, eclipses and planet earth traveling through the photon belt . . . all are part of an amazing spectrum of light frequencies that are shifting around and through us as the magnetic field that surrounds us is transforming. The Photon Belt, also known as the Rings of Alcyone, refers to the galactic plane alignment of hundreds of billions of Milky Way star systems. Our solar system orbits across this photon belt twice in approximately 26,000 years (Precession of Equinox), which makes the ‘Great Crossing’ to occur every 13,000 years.

Even the dark spaces, or black holes are making them selves visible
through advancements of technology in the world of astrophysics. “What we’re seeing now is that there are strong, twisted, and organized magnetic fields near the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy,” said Sara Issaoun, NASA Hubble Fellowship Program Einstein Fellow at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian and co-lead of the project. “Along with Sgr A* having a strikingly similar polarization structure to that seen in the much larger and more powerful M87* black hole, we’ve learned that strong and ordered magnetic fields are critical to how black holes interact with the gas and matter around them.” (Image: EHT: March 27, 2024) 

People across the globe have been reporting physical, mental and emotional changes
, both good/bad, amazing and uncomfortable as we adapt to these cosmic changes. We are also awakening to new understandings about what being a galactic citizen really means. Anyone who is involved in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, shamanic journeying or hypnosis/regression practices, for example, is tapping in to information fields that are transforming our ideas about time, space and reality.

As the old world order and structures crumble around us, many are going within to reflect on beliefs, patterns and behaviors from the past, and bringing a deeper level of conscious awareness to the information they are uncovering. We are re-member-ing our selves into an expression of a new human who understands they can co-create with all life, for life itself is basically energy, light, and vibration. Form is finite and mostly space. This energy that comprises all forms is an infinite and eternal expression of One Consciousness.

This Gemini New Moon brings some scattered energy. A key highlight is to Dream Big! The Iron in our Blood is activating our own inner Galactic Forces, and the Calcium in our Bones is releasing the cellular memory from our structure. We ultimately share the same blueprint or information field as Stardust! Bones are our Ancestral Lineage. Notice what is surfacing around family! You don’t have to know where it started, just allow the energy to flow through you, taking the wisdom to inform the future you want to see manifest in your world.

It is important to practice laser focus during these surges of power through heightened geomagnetic activity from the sun. STAY IN PEACE.  My favorite astrologer, the wise and wonder-filled, Pam Gregory, warns that mass media will bring forth MORE TRUTHS that will shock and surprise us and it will be coming in waves. Saturn (structure/authority/father) is moving slow now and will be going retrograde.

Narrow your focus on Spiritual Practices around end of June as solar flares continue. Drop into STILLNESS, Breathe, Exercise… most importantly, get out of the head and align with your heart. Stay in coherence with the bigger vision you hold and be receptive to all that you wish for and more!

I am reading a beautiful and magical book
that was written in 2001 by Barbel Mohr called, The Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide to Realizing Your Dreams. She shares her life changing story through discovering a manifestation process from a friend. As she states, “the hard part is deciding what you really want. Once you’ve figured that out, this charming, witty, and insightful book is going to tell how to get it.”

A skeptic at first herself, Barbel says, “If, after reading this book, you think that cosmic ordering is total nonsense, but you decide to place an order with the universe anyway just to prove me wrong, then you have subscribed to this ordering service just the way I first did. And you just might start as wonderful a journey towards an easier, more fulfilling life.”

With the chaos and intensity of these deep transitions we are collectively experiencing, a little more magic can help the medicine go down, so to speak. I hope, if this resonates with you, you will explore her story and place your order right away! Aho!

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