Working With Wax in Santa Fe & Sedona

MY VISIT TO Santa Fe, NM & Sedona, AZ in November was fun, fabulous and inspiring!

I love the red rocks of Sedona and the talented teachers I worked with in Santa Fe… I’ve got the wood stove fired up and the wax is flowing now here in the mountains of North Carolina!

I was there on the heels of encaustiCon 2013, a conference for encaustic art, hosted by the IEA and the weather was absolutely perfect!  I am honored to be a member of the International Encaustic Artists, whichis the oldest professional membership organization for encaustic art. With over 450 member artists in thirty-four states in the U.S., five provinces in Canada, including artists in Mexico, Australia, Europe and Asia. Their events are fantastic and exciting

Exploring galleries and visiting with many long time friends, a part of my experience was participating in an Encaustic Master Class with two amazing artists: Ellen Koment & Shawna Moore, who were both presenters at the conference. The workshop was held in Ellen’s studio in Madrid, NM.  Shawna was visiting from Whitefish, MT.


Photos:  Unfinished pieces in Santa Fe and works in progress with lots of wax ready to go in my studio,  Ellen Koment demonstrates her luscious wax pouring techniques (bottom left) and Shawna Moore shared techniques and wisdom about design and professional development (bottom right)


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