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The Be-Keepers Collective is organizing a Group Symbols Reading in celebration of Beltane! They are graciously opening the circle to others who want to share in ceremony and a symbols reading. Many of us find ourselves caught up in patterns of “doing” out of family or social conditioning. The Be-Keepers Collective is designed to help you develop and strengthen who you came into this life to “be”!  Join us!

The Beltane Ceremony begins on Monday, May 1st at 3pm ET and will close at 4:30pm. In a cozy space of your own, we will meet on Zoom. Bring your journal, a candle, and a crystal or stone. I will guide the circle through a simple energy sequence to ground and expand our personal and collective fields and holding the container for your heart’s clear intention. When you go to The Be-Keepers Collective site you will get details for registration. When prompted for payment, the suggested donation is $50. No one will be turned away from lack of funds.

Together we will blow our intentions into the basket of sacred symbols and I will share the transmission they offer on a global, collective and personal level. Each person will be represented in the reading and there will be time after for questions and comments. Finally we will close the circle with gratitude and appreciation through a short invocation and rattling. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

At the foundation of the Collective are Key Burns and Cheri Villa. I met Key through my interview on the Shift Network for the 2023 Ancestral Healing Summit. Our connection led to my interview for the Be-Keepers and from there Key imagined a Beltane Ceremony for the group!

Key is a clinical and sports massage therapist, author and earth wisdom practitioner. She integrates flower remedies, aromatherapy, sound vibration, color therapy, Reiki, chanting, crystal healing, herbs and more, into her sessions of mindfulness coaching. Key lives in North Carolina and is the creator of the 3 Roots Center which is the container for community, harmony and growth!

Cheri is a Leadership and Life Coach who holds a healing practice called Pegasus Horse Wisdom Consulting in Ocala, Florida. Her approach uses the instinctive coherence of horse wisdom to reflect where her clients are energetically, so she can help them remove obstacles to living their fullest life.


the fire god manifesting within a medicine woman, image by Vandorn Hinnant                sacred symbols reading shmanic sessions

Left: Vandorn Hinnant: In a healing ceremony, the fire god manifesting within a medicine woman. Vandorn is a visual artist, poet and educator based in Durham, NC who is a scribe of Sacred Geometry. Right: Blowing an intention into the basket of sacred symbols in preparation for Reading the Bones.

Vandorn Muses: Healing ceremonies symbolize a ritual act of spiritual purification, a cleansing to rid an individual or group of any ill intended forces. Fire god signifies the oldest god, the first of the ancients, the being within the hearth, the cooking fire, the shining eye in the mouth of the mountain cave and the presence of the sacred earthbound light. Manifesting is the act of intention, a symbol of moving into the manifestation realm. Medicine Woman is the Spirit within nature, the vital life force with which she works with the earth and its living energies, in order to channel higher spiritual forces in order to restore wholeness and well being to all. (February 26)  You can get to know Vandorn and his soul’s work in the world through this interview!

OR EXPLORE VANDORN’S NEW BOOK: LOVE . . . Opera House of the SOUL: A book of musings

LOVE cover       sacred geometry

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