” Inner stability is the result of self-knowledge “
. . . Robert Hand, Astrologer . . .

The colors have come and are almost gone here in the Blue Ridge. Time keeps on turning and we have entered the November Scorpio New Moon. Scorpio, the deep feminine, is asking us to dive into a process of exploration and reflection. It is preparing us to gain clarity and passion about what we want to manifest in the coming new year.
This entire year has been a time of major transition and transformation and will continue on this path as the old systems and paradigms crumble and transfigure. I don’t know anyone who has escaped some significant level of change in their lives or at the very least, had to adapt to changes that have transpired around them.
The end of this year’s eclipse season promises to be full of sudden and unexpected surprises. We have a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on December 14th at 23 degrees of Sagittarius that is predicted to stir up massive global changes at the foundational level and will continue with the following Gemini Full Moon Eclipse on November 20th.
One thing is certain, life will more than likely be completely different than it has been in the past for all of us. So more than ever, it is critical to focus inward to develop your own inner sense of stability and security. Security is never found externally, it has always been an inside job that comes from continued growth in the realms of self-awareness.
I encourage you to take some time this fall to slow down, meditate, explore yoga, get an astrological or intuitive reading…try a little painting, drawing, writing…any of the creative arts or crafts that appeal to your inner child or wise elder deep within. Do so with gratitude and appreciation for the magic it reveals and the joy it will spark in your heart. One of my favorite and simplest spiritual practices I encourage others to experiment with is Despacho Ceremony.
Despacho is an ancient ceremony practiced in South America, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. It is an honoring to the Power of Gratitude, Giving and Receiving, and the universal life force of Kaway Pacha. It can also be used for births, deaths, to heal physical and emotional ailments, to restore balance and harmony, or for a specific request of the spirit world.

The word despacho means sending a message or care package in Spanish and is an act of love that reminds us of the interconnectedness between all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places. The ceremony is an opportunity to energetically return to our essential unity with Source, or All That Exists. Gaia more than ever needs this acknowledgment and appreciation.

When you perform a despacho ceremony, your intention is to give back to Life by creating a space in time that allows a deep expression of gratitude for who you are, at this moment and to remember you are infinitely woven into the Web of Light. It is a living prayer for entering a higher state of conscious being. Aho!
Despacho Bundle (above) by Angela Jordan, Asheville, NC

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