alignment of stars and pyramids

It’s that time of year, but what about the bigger picture?  It is said that the Sirians were the Seed Planters . . .

. . . the Architects from another planet and that all the pyramids in the world are aligned and working for and with different constellations. These are some of the thoughts and memories shared by Matias De Stephano in one of his episodes of Initiation on Gaia. According to De Stephano the Earth is reflecting the largest star system portals of the planet via Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades. Sirius is aligned with Peru, representing the Order of the Being. Orion is aligned with Egypt representing Every Dimension and the Pleiades are aligned with China, representing the Spiritual Self. Of course there is much more to this than just names and locations, which De Stephano covers in a series of episodes and goes into his own personal memories of having lived lives in different times and locations. The image above is a screen shot taken from the series.

At a very young age, Matias De Stefano remembered his deep connection to the Akashic Records. The term Akashic Records originates from the Indian word Akasha, which gained a new meaning after its adoption by the Theosophical Society. The records are typically accessed through a prayer called the Pathway Prayer, which is a vibrational frequency composed of specific sounds that allow you to tap into a field of information. It is said that the
records help identify the unchanging core of our own individual selves and help us resolve energetic blocks and patterns we carry through from childhood and even past lifetimes.

The information De Stefano recalled gave him a unique, and powerful understanding of the creation of the universe and the many layers of reality we all exist within. He shares these powerful revelations in this groundbreaking series Initiation. At the age of 21, De Stefano began to transmit his particular vision of reality and philosophical worldview through the premise that we are the creators of our own reality. There are now 4 seasons, a total of 47 episodes, and you can watch Unity, the first of the entire series for Free! Gaia offers the largest online resource of consciousness-expanding videos, films, original shows, yoga and meditation classes, and more.

The series not only offers information, but it also gives us tools to be able to transcend the patterns and the way we hold on to past events that occurred. I am sharing this in the April newsletter because much of it aligns with my own direct experience of remembering past lives through the training and practice of BQH Hypnosis. You can learn more about BQH on my website and book a session if you resonate with the method.

eye of god in the solar system

The Eye of God captured by NASA, a giant eye-shaped nebula that is among the brightest and closest to Earth.

Hypnosis is not a therapy and is not directly used to diagnose or treat medical disorders although many clients experience clarity about memories of trauma or experiences that have a connection to their belief of originating from another lifetime. In BQH there are no rigid scripts or rules about the session itself. The session structure represents a sacred container of mutual respect and non-judgement allowing you to completely relax, knowing you are safe and in control of the experience at all times. You can book a free consultation by clicking here.

My Evolutionary Coaching practice also aligns with the premise that we are the creators of our own reality.
Certified as a Magnetic Mind Coach from Chris Duncan, I was led to the work of William Whitecloud, one of Chris’ mentors, who is a best selling author of several books on creation vs fixing and trainings in these processes. His work offers strategies you can use to trigger the state of intuition and extract, precise, usable information when you need it. His exercises guide you in how to switch on intuition whenever and wherever you want and illustrate how to predictably activate a state where you will receive specific guidance that will directly benefit your life.

Whitecloud describes his work, The Secrets of Natural Success, as a second chance at life. My experience has been that it is a truly unique training that has the potential to radically change the way you live your life, experience your goals and develop a relationship with your superconscious awareness. Clients report dramatic changes with their end results. The practices support you to break away from the usual patterns that have always held you in an endless loop of trying to fix negative circumstances and shifts your mindset into a creative structure that inevitably manifests a life you love.

William Whitecloud offers insight into how your level of creativity determines your level of natural success in life and he teaches a step-by-step guide to unlocking and applying the dormant genius within. His books are: Secrets of Natural Success: Five Steps to Unlocking Your Inner Genius, The Magician’s Way: What It Really Takes to Find Your Treasure and The Last Shaman. If you would like to learn more or experience these techniques, you can book a free consultation with me by clicking here.
 brain synapse recoding

 There are now thousands of images of brain synapses from the broad spectrum of research in neuroscience.

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