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Our goal is to provide the most powerful tools, technologies, and wisdom to support all life that depends on water to survive. — Randy Hatton   (Image by Engin Akyurt @ Unsplash)

A Conversation with Randy Hatton of Vibrant Vital Water and Pam Gregory

This month I am sharing a new interview that I feel is essential for all during these critical times of global earth transfiguration. I have been traveling across the county and experiencing the many locations that are experiencing wildfires. It is gut wrenching! We are drowning in our ignorance about our precious resources.

The planet is dehydrated, and research shows that 97% of people on the planet are suffering from dehydration. The soil has also been severely de-mineralized due to mono-crop farming and pesticides like glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup. WATCH RANDY’S INTERVIEW

And more from Veda Austin about the intelligence of water as she continues some of her groundbreaking research about the intelligence, or consciousness of water. If you would like to learn more about how GMO’s and Glyphosate are destroying our GUT HEALTH you can watch an interview of Dr. Zach Bush on the Rich Roll Podcast. Now, onward about Vibrant Vital Water!

Vibrant Vital Water® is dedicated to supporting earth’s most precious and vital resource, water. We work to help optimize the physical and bio-energetic qualities of planetary water preserves for the benefit of all living creatures. Living water is currently a rare commodity due to our lack of awareness about water, and all nature’s kingdoms face the consequences. We believe that humans have contributed to the current state of the earth, and feel that we can all create a healthier habitat. Together with shared intentions of love and respect towards the spirit and substance of water, we will change our relationship with water and the earth.  VISIT RANDY’S WEBSITE!

samples of veda austin's hydroglyphs

Samples of Veda Austin’s Hydroglyphs

Science, Art & Consciousness by Veda Austin

I have shared her groundbreaking work before and now Veda has made an online survey to help further her research of hydroglyphs. The survey is simple and as someone who works with symbols regularly I loved sensing the information I was receiving as it came through. Everything is connected and communicating.

Austin shares, “I don’t collect emails or names, so it’s anonymous. It would mean a lot to me if you could fill it out, as I have a theory about something which I’m trying to prove. You will see pictures of ice, and I’m simply asking you to share how they make you feel and what comes to mind.”

“I’d be very grateful to any parents that could fill this out for their children, as I’m wanting people of all ages to share their feelings. Please don’t over think this, it is about immediate feelings.”  Visit Veda’s Website!

PS: “If you have my hydroglyph PDF please try to clear your mind of what you know about the image”.

It’s a Pisces Full Blue SuperMoon . . . See what’s bubbling up for you and the Ancestors!
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