“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I will meet you there.”    –Rumi

THE TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE of 2020 Captures The Vast Field of Awareness
The stage has now been set and these next few weeks leading up to what is known astrologically as the Great Conjunction, will give each of us an opportunity to significantly impact our lives going forward. On December 21st Jupiter and Saturn will align in a conjunction at 0° Aquarius which marks a complete energetic shift for humanity. The relationship between Jupiter and Saturn reflects how we structure our reality based on the beliefs we hold.
This eclipse got me thinkning about how something so intensely powerful can reveal it’s potency so quickly and then disappear just as suddenly as it came. Like a bolt of lightening, an erupting volcano, a flash flood…they come and go in a heartbeat, yet heir aftereffect remains far longer. Coined Two Minutes of Magic by news journalists, Tuesday’s New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius was a perfect model how nature can simultaneaously embody a cosmic event in the blink of an eye, that is said to herald the spark of a global paradigm shift in consciuousness.
Even more fascinating is that this event, representing an awakening or a spark of insight, has come through a few moments of total darkness! Again, it seems to be a perfect reflection of the duality we experience day to-day here in Earth school. The real question to me, is not so much that it happens but why it happens in this way?
An innate part of the human condition appear to be that we learn more about what we do want by realizing what we don’t want first. Last week I discovered a podcast by astrologer Simon Vorster, (Raising Vibrations: https://raising-vibrations.com/), who pointed out that this eclipse was bringing an intense focus on the polarity of the North and South Nodes. He suggests that this is why during times of greatest transformation we must look backward in order to move forward. Through this action, rather than look at it as a negative, we are able to see the patterns of our old, out-moded beliefs and behaviors, release them, and in so doing, move forward. As quoted below, Simon calls it Our Moment of Truth.
“This indicates absolute fruition of past, outdated, conditioned beliefs. We will experience situations that reflect and bring to the surface old dynamics that will test and challenge us deeply. This is the point in the hero’s journey where the nemesis reappears. There is a deep lesson in the experience and the key is to make new choices relative to the old situations.  The situations that reflect the past or bring up past dynamics are bringing our deepest challenges to the surface as a necessary means for us to discover who we really are, what we really need and what we are capable of. This is our moment of truth!”
Just as an ah-ha! hits us in a split second, I am consistently aware that a “knowing” often comes in sudden and complete bursts of pure awareness in relationship to how receptive I am. As my exploration deepens into the world of mediumship, this knowing is the gold or God-Wink we are hoping to receive on behalf of a client. It is here where the evidence exists and how I am being trained to become more deeply aware of a field of awareness that is limitless, infinite, and eternal. As a medium we reach into this field with the intention of retrieving information that is the validation of the existence of a friend or loved one who has crossed over.
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DESIREE  DE MARS is an artist, teacher, spiritual pioneer, energy runner, and shamantrika. She has traveled the world to explore and study shamanic teachers and earth-centric cultures. Passionate about co-creation and beeswax, she uses mixed media and assembles sacred tools to bring about the re-balancing of subtle energy and the wisdom it teaches us.

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